Friday, April 10, 2009

The Year In Review

Welcome to the 2008-2009 edition of The Year In Review. Once again we sat down with a Silvertips fan and got their thoughts and expert assessment of the past season. Last year we were very fortunate to have in studio Hockey Tom & Leo. As you all remember it was pretty special since they rarely share their thoughts and opinions regarding the Silvertips. This year we once again went to that wild and crazy section 119 at Comcast Arena and were lucky enough to sit down with none other than that silver haired, silver tongued Bill Dickson. So let’s get started….

YIR: Thank you for taking time out from that busy schedule Bill and sitting down with us to discuss this past season.

BD: No problem. I love talking Silvertips hockey. But let’s make this quick. I’m expecting Barry Manilow at the house and I don’t want to miss those cutesy little moves of his as he gets in our hot tub.

YIR: Okay. This was the first losing season in Tips history. What happen this year?

BD: Three words. Be ca nic!!! Worse coach I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe it took Soetaert so long to fire him. Instead of having his team go out and play some good hard-nosed hockey, he has them sitting around singing koombaya. I don’t buy into this father figure - family crap. If these boys aren’t playing with any passion, they need to be taken out behind the woodshed.

YIR: Speaking of the players, you’ve been pretty critical of some of the comments made by the older, returning players. There’s been talk by some of the 119’ers that you’ve been pretty negative lately. Is that true and if so why is that?

BD: Yeah I guess that’s true. I ran out of Milk of Magnesia so I was having trouble passing those big assed brats they sell at Comcast. Just kidding!! Look I’ve been sitting next to Tom and Leo for how many years now? You don’t think that negativity is gonna rub off? I mean geez they criticize and boo the little peewee kids that play once in a while between periods.

YIR: I can certainly understand that, but a few of your quotes, like “How dare Dailey to say he thought Becanic was doing a really great job and was shocked by his firing.” and “I resent that he (Shane Harper) gives Becanic credit for securing more playing time for him under a very strict coach.” and “Who cares what Potuer has to say. He has never used his brain in all the years he was here.” seem pretty harsh for a few misguided comments from young kids.

BD: I was misquoted and my comments were taken out of context.

YIR: What a surprise, Hockey Tom has just stopped by our studios.

HT: This guy here is a genius. Is Bill not a genius? I ask anyone, anywhere is Bill Dickson not a genius? Gotta run. Gotta go fight those damn Democrats who are trying to tax my WAMU bonus at 90%.

YIR: Okay back to business. Bill regarding the Tips returning over agers, I understand you were a little disappointed with GM Doug Soetaert’s decision to bring back Dailey and Brown since you think there should be more talent available than those two players and that inviting Alexander to camp to show him off to other teams is a waste of time. Are you saying you’re disgruntled with Soetaert?

BD: Not at all. He’s a drafting magician and he always seems to find that one gem out there that can come in and help the team. Lammers, Gutierrez, Crowley, Zetariuk, Reekie, Gendur just to name a few of his finds. He's not perfect like the Vancouver GM, but he's done pretty well so far. It still wouldn’t surprise me though if Tom and Leo booed him during introductions, especially for keeping Dailey.

YIR: Well Bill I want to thank you for coming here today and although it was a tough season this past year for the Tips, the future looks pretty bright with some of the returning talent. Do you have any predictions for next year?

BD: No Becanic, no Potuer, no Alexander, no problem. With a new coach, some defense and this returning talent we should rise once again to the top of the US Division and hang another banner at Comcast. GO TIPS!!!!

YIR: That wraps up another session of Year in Review. Have a great summer.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Another YouTube Classic

Hello, Loyal Readers.

YouTube once again proves that all we need is classic 80's songs to be parodied for our entertainment:

Be patient...everything will make sense in due time!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tips Win in Shootout over Americans

Well, Tip's fans, we saw quite a game last night.

I say "we" only for those of us who were in attendance. Some fans (cough...Leo) decided to watch a soccer game instead. I can't say I agree or understand a stupid decision like that, but noone ever accused Leo of playing with a full deck.

Now to hockey! Any game where the final score is 7 to 6 is going to be alternately glorious and disastrous; this was no exception. The Tips scored first and held a one or two goal lead throughout most of the game, but the Americans always came back. In many cases, the Americans scored within minutes of a Tip's goal which just showed a stunning lack of defensive composure on the part of Becanic's team.

Highlights include some OUTSTANDING play from Bartek, Totchkin, and Maxwell (with some nice play from De La Lande as well). Simpson was brought in to relieve Barrie in the second period and also played well, though he really blew us away with great saves in the shootout.

Yes, Simpson, in his first-ever WHL shootout, stopped all four shots with some amazing saves. And it was appropriate that the Tips winning shot came from...Kellan Totchkin! Boy that kid has some great moves and real stickhandling prowess. I can't wait to see what's next!

For those of you who have lost count (I know I did and had to ask last night), the Tips have only lost ONE home game this year. We have a decisive home ice advantage thanks to raucous fans of Section 119...and the rest of you people. Let's keep it up and make the EEC the worst place for an opposing team to visit!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday, March 31, 2008

The Year In Review

Welcome to this years edition of The Year In Review. At the end of each season, we sit down with a Silvertips fan and get their assessment of the season. We have a special treat this year as our Q&A session involves two hockey experts from that hockey Mecca, Los Angeles, California. In studio today is Hockey Tom & Leo. You can catch their act every Silvertips homegame in Section 119. Unless, of course, Hockey Tom is attending the Doilies for Dummies Convention or Leo isn’t watching his beloved Portland Winterhawks and schmoozing with his best pal Curtis Mucha. Okay here we go.

YIR: Hockey Tom, what’s your take on the 2007-2008 Silvertips season?

HT: Hated it. Don’t get me started.

YIR: You don’t think the team played well after the Christmas break?

HT: Played well? C’mon everybody they played just made them look good by playing crappy.

YIR: Leo, do you agree with Hockey Tom’s assessment?

Leo: I don’t agree with anything Hockey Tom says.

YIR: Okay, what do you think of Coach Becanic’s first year?

Leo: He Sucks!!

YIR: Hockey Tom?

HT: I hate him!!! We need to bring back Coach Constantine. I just loved the way he would pull the goalie with 5 minutes left in a game and turn a 2 goal deficit into a 3 goal deficit. Is that exciting hockey or what?

YIR: Leo, looks like you and Hockey Tom are finally in agreement about Coach Becanic.

Leo: Not true!! I said he sucks and Hockey Tom said he hates him. That doesn’t sound like agreement to me.

YIR: Hockey Tom, last years team seemed to have really folded down the stretch, limping into the playoffs as did this years team. What do you think that can be attributed to?

HT: Coach Becanic. Have I mentioned I hate him?

YIR: But Coach Constantine was the head coach last year.

HT: Becanic was on the bench wasn’t he?

YIR: Some players didn’t quite live up to the expectations of the fans this year. Players like Zach Hamill and Kyle Beach didn’t play as well as they did last year. What about the play of Graham Potuer?

HT: I hate him. He whiffed more times than Richie Sexson.

YIR: Leo?

Leo: He sucks!! He better not be back next year!!

YIR: Hockey Tom, you seem to be quite critical of some of the players, past and present. What do you attribute this to?

HT: I call it as I see it!!! Shaun Heshka. Hate him!! Jason Fransoo. Hate him. Graham Potuer. Hate him!! I hate em all!!!

YIR: But a few of these players were fan favorites.

HT: I hate the fans too. They got a lot of nerve yelling “FIGHT” during the singing of our National Anthem. Show some damn respect for your country. And don’t they know they aren’t supposed to be coming to or going from their seats during play? I hate em!!! Down in front!!!!!

YIR: Okay guys, was there anything memorable about this past season?

HT: I gotta say when Bill threw his hat toward the ice when Zach Hamill scored a hat trick and the hat landed in section 219 injuring two fans. That’s something I’ll never forget.

YIR: Leo?

Leo: Oh hands down, when Lincoln was pounding Hockey Tom and throwing popcorn on him.

HT: I hate that freakin’ bear. He better not be coming around 119 next season. If he does, he’s goin' down!!!

YIR: Hockey Tom, do you think Kyle Beach can turn it around and play a little smarter?

HT: C’mon, the poor kid was framed. He didn’t deserve a 5 minute major. He's got a bad rap, man!! He's such a nice kid away from hockey.

Leo: It wasn’t even a minor for Crisake!!!

YIR: The league apparently felt it was since they did suspend him for a game.

HT: I hate the WHL. It’s a conspiracy. They don’t want to make the refs look bad by saying it didn’t warrant a suspension. Have I mentioned I hate the refs?

YIR: Okay guys, one final question. Do either of you have any predictions for the upcoming year? I’ll start with you Hockey Tom.

HT: This one is easy. Vitaly Karamnov will score 100 goals, lead the league in scoring, carry the Tips on his back to the Memorial Cup and get drafted by the L.A. Kings in the first round.

YIR: Leo?

Leo: The Portland Winterhawks will win the U.S. Division, the WHL Championship and the Memorial Cup.

YIR: Is there anything else you would like to add before we go?

HT: Yeah!! I hate Becanic. I hate Potuer. I hate Fransoo. I hate Lincoln. I hate Rosen. I hate Leo. I hate the fans who yell “fight”. I hate the T-Birds. I hate Portland. I hate Tri-City. I hate Spokane. I hate Vancouver. I hate the refs. I hate the light show. I hate Becanic. I hate the Spokane announcer. I hate Key Arena. I hate, I hate, I hate…….

Leo: You’re gonna give it up Tokarski. You’re gonna give it up Helenius. You’re gonna give it up Pickard. You’re gonna give it up Sexsmith. You’re gonna give it up Irving. Oooops, Sorry!! Great save Mucha!!!

YIR: Well folks there you have it.

Game 7 of Kelowna-Seattle series on Tuesday

Go Rockets! Beat the begeezus out of the T-birds!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Everett at Spokane-Game 2

Everett needs to demonstrate poise, patience and play 60 minutes of hockey. That and Leland Irving at his best will give the Tips a real chance to earn a victory.


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Everett at Spokane-Game 1

The Tips and their fans have had a week off to rest and prepare for round one of the WHL playoffs. So enough of days of our lives, because it's time to get serious and put on our game faces.

Everett needs to demonstrate poise, patience and play 60 minutes of hockey. That and Leland Irving at his best will give the Tips a real chance to earn a victory.


Monday, March 17, 2008

Bring on the playoffs

When I woke up on Sunday morning the last thing I wanted to do that day was to drive in to Seattle, dump big bucks for parking into the fat mayor's pockets, enter into a hostile venue, surround myself with uncouth T-bird fans, sit in the most uncomfortable seats ever and watch a meaningless game. Turns out I'm glad I went.

The Tips' greatest fans from Section 119 got together for yet another pre-function, plenty of discussion about Hockeytom's true passion--dessert--no, really it's still knitting, and a shared relief that the Foghorn Leghorns may in fact be vacating our section (kick 'em the hell out). I always enjoy the opportunity to bond with my daughter Sarah, as well as annoy as many of the opposing fans (and a few of my section mates) as possible--hence, the ringing of the cowbell(s)!

The game was uninteresting, other than the fact that Seattle played almost all their starters and Everett did not, though our boys played well for a good part of the game. Per T-bird center, Jim O'Brien, 'we wanted to come out and play the right way to stay on track.' Yeah, ok, whatever, Jimbo...

When the game was less than uninteresting, we could look across the ice and observe some serious hoochie mama k-i-s-s-i-n-g going on (and no, it was NOT Leo and Hockeytom)! Enough said about THAT.

The best reason to go, I decided, was to support the Tips, cheer them on and let them know we love these kids--win or lose. Unfortunately the season ended on yet another losing streak. (I had hoped we were past this.)

Regardless, beginning Friday, the slate is wiped clean, and Everett skates against a team we've had some success against during the regular season. May it continue.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Against Seattle....

It's crunch time.


Monday, March 10, 2008

Against the best and worst...

This weekend saw Everett compete against the best and the worst teams in the WHL. As expected, the Tips beat Portland but came up short against Vancouver, though holding them to just one goal. That is, Leland Irving held the Giants to just one goal. Both games were without Dan Gendur, and what a difference this team is without him.

Is it possible that we've had a glimpse at next year's offense? Without Gendur, and most likely without Zach Hamill, one wonders who will be the play maker. Gendur this year has stepped into the role in spectacular fashion. His quick speed, high energy and ability to find the back of the net have kept this team in the playoff race. Take him out of the mix...but enough about next year's questions.

That said, the Tips still control their own destiny in their effort to lock up home ice advantage at least in the first round of the playoffs. No matter, Irving is playing his best hockey of the season, Captain Jonathan Harty is a maniac on the ice (as he so aptly puts it, 'when we've got an opportunity, we're going to lay the body'), and Everett is in a very good position to move in the right direction as post season play begins.

On a much lighter note, Section 119 welcomes back--once again--mystery travelers Hockey Tom and Leo. Their 'down in front' berating of anyone who so much as flinches in an upward motion, and their taunting of the officials and opponents have been missed!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Missing Live Tips Hockey...

I miss seeing the Tips play in the Everett Events Center...I missed the last game so I'm going on a week and a half of no hockey! What the hell am I going to do when we get to the off-season?

Oh well, we're about to have a solid week of Tips Mania as there are home games on Wednesday and Friday night, then we "take the show on the road" to that dreadful basement Key Arena where we will hopefully watch the Tips beat up on the craptacular Seattle Thunderbirds.

Note to T-Birds Fans: Do you know your team is moving to play in a real arena in Kent next year?
Second Note to T-Birds Fans: Your mascot wears a skirt. Is that cool?
Final Note to T-Birds Fans: Your mayor is fat. (I stole that one from longtime fan David. Too bad for him.)

Final note for loyal blog readers: Leo is in California attending a live taping of the "Rachel Ray Cooking Show." He's a big fan of her cookware. He hopes to catch a Portland Winterhawks game on his way back up to Seattle.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Road games against Portland and Vancouver

As the regular season is quickly coming to an end, every win is vital for the Tips, as they are currently one point ahead of Kelowna and 4 points behind Seattle going into tonight's games. With Seattle at Vancouver, Everett has a golden opportunity to narrow the gap with a victory over Leo's Wintersquawks.

Listen for cowbells tomorrow night as Randy and Laura will be in attendance at the Giants game, lending their full support to the boys as they attempt to secure a win on Vancouver's ice for the first time this year.

Go Tips!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Everett 5, Tri-City 2

With Seattle's (to be expected) win over Prince George last night, the Tips gained no ground in the points race, but oh, what a thrilling victory it was over Tri-City--a huge confidence boost for Everett. To beat the best team in the WHL on their ice had to make for a great bus ride home for the boys, who have worked so hard in the past two months to play more consistent hockey.

Unlike last year's season when the Tips were on top from day one, this year has been transitional, including the departure of Peter (the great) Mueller, a new coach, and win/loss streaks so wild, you're just never sure which Tips team will show up on game night. Everett has since demonstrated that they can beat the big boys this year, though wins at Seattle and at Vancouver have yet to be accomplished.

That Everett has been viewed as an underdog most of the season by the rest of the league maybe isn't such a bad thing after all. We'll just watch as the Tips quietly go about their business of getting ready for--hopefully-- a very successful run in the playoffs.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

A win is a win is a win.....

Make that 2 wins this weekend. One was pretty. One wasn't--turns out it didn't need to be. The Tips picked up 4 points and played a terrific game against a playoff-bound Seattle team, so we can cut them some slack against Portland.

Credit Leo's Winterhawks for taking advantage of a lackluster performance by Everett and making a game of it down to the last 6.5 seconds in the overtime period. Considering the high intensity and fierce physical battle between the Tips and T-birds the previous night, the boys came to play just well enough to secure a win over Portland, while leaving the fans holding their collective breaths one more time.

Everett is now 19-10 since the Christmas break and overall has performed admirably in spite of late season key injuries to their D core. The Tips find themselves now ahead of Kelowna and just 2 points behind Seattle going into a three-game road trip in the week ahead.

With Irving looking to be at the top of his game, and with Gendur, Hamill and Crowley adding consistency to their play, this streaky team can continue to rack up more wins, though the remainder of the schedule is not without obstacles.

The biggest question is whether the Tips can beat the T-birds in their own barn. It's something they better be able to do, because there's a good chance that Everett will face Seattle in the first round of the playoffs. It would be great to have lots of Tips fans at the final regular season game at Seattle on Sunday 3/16--cowbells and all!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Down to the wire....

I thought I would take a look at the schedules of the Tips, T-birds and Rockets, and see if I could predict a bit of the future. It turns out I'm no math whiz, so I can't, but maybe there are some folks (or accountants) out there who can play with these numbers and come up with a happy ending. Here's how it looks to date with each team's number of remaining games and versus the following:

Everett (9); vs Portland (2); vs Chilliwack (1)
Seattle (10); vs PG (2); vs Portland (2)
Kelowna (9); vs PG (1); vs Portland (1); vs Chilliwack (2)

As of today, Seattle has 77 points, Kelowna 76 and Everett 73.

Everett and Seattle play 3 games against each other, and Seattle and Kelowna play one final time in the regular season.

What remains are games against Spokane, Tri-City and Vancouver. If it can be assumed (and can we?) that Prince George, Portland and Chilliwack will be notches in everyone's belts, then it appears that Everett needs to win out and will still need help if they hope to secure 4th place and the final playoff position that offers home ice advantage in the first series. Then again, given how streaky Everett has been all season long, perhaps for this team, home ice advantage won't be a major factor anyway.

Looking ahead to the playoffs, the spotlight will shine on our number one netminder once again. As goes Irving, so goes Everett. However, Leland will need help, meaning that the Tips can't allow 35, 40 and 50+ shots per game and expect to win. Ellington and Alexander are sorely needed back to shore up a defense that has performed mostly on grit, emotion and luck, and the playoffs will take a toll on teams with injuries.

One final comment--at this point, I'm not even sure who I want to see Everett face in that first round. Thoughts, anyone?

Sunday, February 17, 2008

EVERETT 8, SEATTLE 4 (and then some....) was the best weekend of this season thus far to be a Silvertips fan. Two victories against two other playoff-bound teams in our division, 4 crucial points, and finally--some momentum that will hopefully carry over to key remaining games, especially against a team like the Thunderbirds, who before last night have had our number all year.

There's nothing better than to beat Seattle--AND--beat them up!! In the words of one very excited Section 119er, the Tips delivered 'an old-fashioned ass whupping' and made fans and mommies and daddies of the boys happy and proud!

At last we have the answer to the question 'where in the world is Zach Hamill?' He was the player we (and Boston) saw last season, finally showing us what a 1st round draft pick should look like, and he treated the fans to a mid-game hat trick. Try as they might to celebrate the moment, the caps of Bill, Leo and Albie could not find their way to the ice, suggesting the possibility that it's just a group of guys in Section 119 with weak arms. (For the record, there was no mighty wind...and does Tom even own a cap?) However, no one was louder than those in 119 cheering the Tips on after each of EIGHT goals.

Dan Gendur again was everywhere on the ice and played a key role in the win with 2 goals and 2 assists. Then there was Captain Jonathan Harty, dishing out hits and letting Seattle know not to mess with his teammates.

It was a total team effort, with everyone contributing in a big way. For a change, Everett played a full 60 minutes of hockey and never let up until the horn sounded. It was just a classic brawl in which the Tips emerged victorious.

Tonight I'll be rooting for Tri-City (can't believe I'm saying that) to win over Seattle, and I look forward to the rematch with Spokane on Wednesday.