Friday, April 10, 2009

The Year In Review

Welcome to the 2008-2009 edition of The Year In Review. Once again we sat down with a Silvertips fan and got their thoughts and expert assessment of the past season. Last year we were very fortunate to have in studio Hockey Tom & Leo. As you all remember it was pretty special since they rarely share their thoughts and opinions regarding the Silvertips. This year we once again went to that wild and crazy section 119 at Comcast Arena and were lucky enough to sit down with none other than that silver haired, silver tongued Bill Dickson. So let’s get started….

YIR: Thank you for taking time out from that busy schedule Bill and sitting down with us to discuss this past season.

BD: No problem. I love talking Silvertips hockey. But let’s make this quick. I’m expecting Barry Manilow at the house and I don’t want to miss those cutesy little moves of his as he gets in our hot tub.

YIR: Okay. This was the first losing season in Tips history. What happen this year?

BD: Three words. Be ca nic!!! Worse coach I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe it took Soetaert so long to fire him. Instead of having his team go out and play some good hard-nosed hockey, he has them sitting around singing koombaya. I don’t buy into this father figure - family crap. If these boys aren’t playing with any passion, they need to be taken out behind the woodshed.

YIR: Speaking of the players, you’ve been pretty critical of some of the comments made by the older, returning players. There’s been talk by some of the 119’ers that you’ve been pretty negative lately. Is that true and if so why is that?

BD: Yeah I guess that’s true. I ran out of Milk of Magnesia so I was having trouble passing those big assed brats they sell at Comcast. Just kidding!! Look I’ve been sitting next to Tom and Leo for how many years now? You don’t think that negativity is gonna rub off? I mean geez they criticize and boo the little peewee kids that play once in a while between periods.

YIR: I can certainly understand that, but a few of your quotes, like “How dare Dailey to say he thought Becanic was doing a really great job and was shocked by his firing.” and “I resent that he (Shane Harper) gives Becanic credit for securing more playing time for him under a very strict coach.” and “Who cares what Potuer has to say. He has never used his brain in all the years he was here.” seem pretty harsh for a few misguided comments from young kids.

BD: I was misquoted and my comments were taken out of context.

YIR: What a surprise, Hockey Tom has just stopped by our studios.

HT: This guy here is a genius. Is Bill not a genius? I ask anyone, anywhere is Bill Dickson not a genius? Gotta run. Gotta go fight those damn Democrats who are trying to tax my WAMU bonus at 90%.

YIR: Okay back to business. Bill regarding the Tips returning over agers, I understand you were a little disappointed with GM Doug Soetaert’s decision to bring back Dailey and Brown since you think there should be more talent available than those two players and that inviting Alexander to camp to show him off to other teams is a waste of time. Are you saying you’re disgruntled with Soetaert?

BD: Not at all. He’s a drafting magician and he always seems to find that one gem out there that can come in and help the team. Lammers, Gutierrez, Crowley, Zetariuk, Reekie, Gendur just to name a few of his finds. He's not perfect like the Vancouver GM, but he's done pretty well so far. It still wouldn’t surprise me though if Tom and Leo booed him during introductions, especially for keeping Dailey.

YIR: Well Bill I want to thank you for coming here today and although it was a tough season this past year for the Tips, the future looks pretty bright with some of the returning talent. Do you have any predictions for next year?

BD: No Becanic, no Potuer, no Alexander, no problem. With a new coach, some defense and this returning talent we should rise once again to the top of the US Division and hang another banner at Comcast. GO TIPS!!!!

YIR: That wraps up another session of Year in Review. Have a great summer.

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Anonymous said...

Well, I must say this Year in Review lacked the raw humor and insightful commentary that was so prevalent in last year's edition (except for the visit from HockeyTom...that was enlightening).

But I believe you've got to grant Bill some wide latitude. He served in WWII, the Civil War, the Franco-Prussian War, and the War of 1812 (I think he was also at the Battle of Troy) so he's served our country well. I will grant him the ability to complain about WHL hockey.

What I don't understand, and never will understand, is why GiantTipsFan is all of a sudden such a fan of Becanic? I mean, I heard him booing and yelling at the half-hearted effort by some players (cough, Poteur, cough). We saw the results of a team that didn't have a focus on defense, but in his posts he presents himself as a calm ship in the angry waters of Section 119. Where was this Zen like figure on game nights?

How about some journalistic integrity? (Perhaps he works for the NY Times or one of those other liberal media outlets trying to steal my bonus?) I think it's time to take the rose-colored glasses off and call it Genius Bill Dickson.


P.S., When are we going to see some hustle out of those peewee players? Stand someone up at the blue line already, kid!