Sunday, March 9, 2008

Missing Live Tips Hockey...

I miss seeing the Tips play in the Everett Events Center...I missed the last game so I'm going on a week and a half of no hockey! What the hell am I going to do when we get to the off-season?

Oh well, we're about to have a solid week of Tips Mania as there are home games on Wednesday and Friday night, then we "take the show on the road" to that dreadful basement Key Arena where we will hopefully watch the Tips beat up on the craptacular Seattle Thunderbirds.

Note to T-Birds Fans: Do you know your team is moving to play in a real arena in Kent next year?
Second Note to T-Birds Fans: Your mascot wears a skirt. Is that cool?
Final Note to T-Birds Fans: Your mayor is fat. (I stole that one from longtime fan David. Too bad for him.)

Final note for loyal blog readers: Leo is in California attending a live taping of the "Rachel Ray Cooking Show." He's a big fan of her cookware. He hopes to catch a Portland Winterhawks game on his way back up to Seattle.

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hottiebehindyou said...

Hockey Tom:

Reference the post on my blog of January 27th where I refer to Seattle's Mascot as wearing a dress:

Give a girl some credit, hu? ;)