Monday, March 17, 2008

Bring on the playoffs

When I woke up on Sunday morning the last thing I wanted to do that day was to drive in to Seattle, dump big bucks for parking into the fat mayor's pockets, enter into a hostile venue, surround myself with uncouth T-bird fans, sit in the most uncomfortable seats ever and watch a meaningless game. Turns out I'm glad I went.

The Tips' greatest fans from Section 119 got together for yet another pre-function, plenty of discussion about Hockeytom's true passion--dessert--no, really it's still knitting, and a shared relief that the Foghorn Leghorns may in fact be vacating our section (kick 'em the hell out). I always enjoy the opportunity to bond with my daughter Sarah, as well as annoy as many of the opposing fans (and a few of my section mates) as possible--hence, the ringing of the cowbell(s)!

The game was uninteresting, other than the fact that Seattle played almost all their starters and Everett did not, though our boys played well for a good part of the game. Per T-bird center, Jim O'Brien, 'we wanted to come out and play the right way to stay on track.' Yeah, ok, whatever, Jimbo...

When the game was less than uninteresting, we could look across the ice and observe some serious hoochie mama k-i-s-s-i-n-g going on (and no, it was NOT Leo and Hockeytom)! Enough said about THAT.

The best reason to go, I decided, was to support the Tips, cheer them on and let them know we love these kids--win or lose. Unfortunately the season ended on yet another losing streak. (I had hoped we were past this.)

Regardless, beginning Friday, the slate is wiped clean, and Everett skates against a team we've had some success against during the regular season. May it continue.

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