Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tips Win in Shootout over Americans

Well, Tip's fans, we saw quite a game last night.

I say "we" only for those of us who were in attendance. Some fans (cough...Leo) decided to watch a soccer game instead. I can't say I agree or understand a stupid decision like that, but noone ever accused Leo of playing with a full deck.

Now to hockey! Any game where the final score is 7 to 6 is going to be alternately glorious and disastrous; this was no exception. The Tips scored first and held a one or two goal lead throughout most of the game, but the Americans always came back. In many cases, the Americans scored within minutes of a Tip's goal which just showed a stunning lack of defensive composure on the part of Becanic's team.

Highlights include some OUTSTANDING play from Bartek, Totchkin, and Maxwell (with some nice play from De La Lande as well). Simpson was brought in to relieve Barrie in the second period and also played well, though he really blew us away with great saves in the shootout.

Yes, Simpson, in his first-ever WHL shootout, stopped all four shots with some amazing saves. And it was appropriate that the Tips winning shot came from...Kellan Totchkin! Boy that kid has some great moves and real stickhandling prowess. I can't wait to see what's next!

For those of you who have lost count (I know I did and had to ask last night), the Tips have only lost ONE home game this year. We have a decisive home ice advantage thanks to raucous fans of Section 119...and the rest of you people. Let's keep it up and make the EEC the worst place for an opposing team to visit!

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silvertips chica said...

Well, well, well...could it be?? why, yes, I believe it is...a posting from one of the founding 'go tips' blogfathers. It's about damn time...

What a wild win it was--lots of offense, what defense? Nevertheless a win is a win is a win--and--without Beach AND over one of the top teams.

50 goals in the past 5 home games! How to explain it? Becanic's comment pretty much sums it up: "it's growth, man".