Friday, March 7, 2008

Road games against Portland and Vancouver

As the regular season is quickly coming to an end, every win is vital for the Tips, as they are currently one point ahead of Kelowna and 4 points behind Seattle going into tonight's games. With Seattle at Vancouver, Everett has a golden opportunity to narrow the gap with a victory over Leo's Wintersquawks.

Listen for cowbells tomorrow night as Randy and Laura will be in attendance at the Giants game, lending their full support to the boys as they attempt to secure a win on Vancouver's ice for the first time this year.

Go Tips!!!


Anonymous said...

Don't forget Kiro Dave will be in Vancouver as well

Anonymous said...

Vancouver: The moment Dan Gendur was announced as a scratch I knew we were in trouble; we had absolutely no offence. Leland was amazing, stopping 40+ shots but we needed Hamill or Beach to step up but they did not…Crap!