Sunday, February 17, 2008

EVERETT 8, SEATTLE 4 (and then some....) was the best weekend of this season thus far to be a Silvertips fan. Two victories against two other playoff-bound teams in our division, 4 crucial points, and finally--some momentum that will hopefully carry over to key remaining games, especially against a team like the Thunderbirds, who before last night have had our number all year.

There's nothing better than to beat Seattle--AND--beat them up!! In the words of one very excited Section 119er, the Tips delivered 'an old-fashioned ass whupping' and made fans and mommies and daddies of the boys happy and proud!

At last we have the answer to the question 'where in the world is Zach Hamill?' He was the player we (and Boston) saw last season, finally showing us what a 1st round draft pick should look like, and he treated the fans to a mid-game hat trick. Try as they might to celebrate the moment, the caps of Bill, Leo and Albie could not find their way to the ice, suggesting the possibility that it's just a group of guys in Section 119 with weak arms. (For the record, there was no mighty wind...and does Tom even own a cap?) However, no one was louder than those in 119 cheering the Tips on after each of EIGHT goals.

Dan Gendur again was everywhere on the ice and played a key role in the win with 2 goals and 2 assists. Then there was Captain Jonathan Harty, dishing out hits and letting Seattle know not to mess with his teammates.

It was a total team effort, with everyone contributing in a big way. For a change, Everett played a full 60 minutes of hockey and never let up until the horn sounded. It was just a classic brawl in which the Tips emerged victorious.

Tonight I'll be rooting for Tri-City (can't believe I'm saying that) to win over Seattle, and I look forward to the rematch with Spokane on Wednesday.


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Anonymous said...

119 the loudest? I dont know 117 was pretty loud ;)