Monday, March 31, 2008

The Year In Review

Welcome to this years edition of The Year In Review. At the end of each season, we sit down with a Silvertips fan and get their assessment of the season. We have a special treat this year as our Q&A session involves two hockey experts from that hockey Mecca, Los Angeles, California. In studio today is Hockey Tom & Leo. You can catch their act every Silvertips homegame in Section 119. Unless, of course, Hockey Tom is attending the Doilies for Dummies Convention or Leo isn’t watching his beloved Portland Winterhawks and schmoozing with his best pal Curtis Mucha. Okay here we go.

YIR: Hockey Tom, what’s your take on the 2007-2008 Silvertips season?

HT: Hated it. Don’t get me started.

YIR: You don’t think the team played well after the Christmas break?

HT: Played well? C’mon everybody they played just made them look good by playing crappy.

YIR: Leo, do you agree with Hockey Tom’s assessment?

Leo: I don’t agree with anything Hockey Tom says.

YIR: Okay, what do you think of Coach Becanic’s first year?

Leo: He Sucks!!

YIR: Hockey Tom?

HT: I hate him!!! We need to bring back Coach Constantine. I just loved the way he would pull the goalie with 5 minutes left in a game and turn a 2 goal deficit into a 3 goal deficit. Is that exciting hockey or what?

YIR: Leo, looks like you and Hockey Tom are finally in agreement about Coach Becanic.

Leo: Not true!! I said he sucks and Hockey Tom said he hates him. That doesn’t sound like agreement to me.

YIR: Hockey Tom, last years team seemed to have really folded down the stretch, limping into the playoffs as did this years team. What do you think that can be attributed to?

HT: Coach Becanic. Have I mentioned I hate him?

YIR: But Coach Constantine was the head coach last year.

HT: Becanic was on the bench wasn’t he?

YIR: Some players didn’t quite live up to the expectations of the fans this year. Players like Zach Hamill and Kyle Beach didn’t play as well as they did last year. What about the play of Graham Potuer?

HT: I hate him. He whiffed more times than Richie Sexson.

YIR: Leo?

Leo: He sucks!! He better not be back next year!!

YIR: Hockey Tom, you seem to be quite critical of some of the players, past and present. What do you attribute this to?

HT: I call it as I see it!!! Shaun Heshka. Hate him!! Jason Fransoo. Hate him. Graham Potuer. Hate him!! I hate em all!!!

YIR: But a few of these players were fan favorites.

HT: I hate the fans too. They got a lot of nerve yelling “FIGHT” during the singing of our National Anthem. Show some damn respect for your country. And don’t they know they aren’t supposed to be coming to or going from their seats during play? I hate em!!! Down in front!!!!!

YIR: Okay guys, was there anything memorable about this past season?

HT: I gotta say when Bill threw his hat toward the ice when Zach Hamill scored a hat trick and the hat landed in section 219 injuring two fans. That’s something I’ll never forget.

YIR: Leo?

Leo: Oh hands down, when Lincoln was pounding Hockey Tom and throwing popcorn on him.

HT: I hate that freakin’ bear. He better not be coming around 119 next season. If he does, he’s goin' down!!!

YIR: Hockey Tom, do you think Kyle Beach can turn it around and play a little smarter?

HT: C’mon, the poor kid was framed. He didn’t deserve a 5 minute major. He's got a bad rap, man!! He's such a nice kid away from hockey.

Leo: It wasn’t even a minor for Crisake!!!

YIR: The league apparently felt it was since they did suspend him for a game.

HT: I hate the WHL. It’s a conspiracy. They don’t want to make the refs look bad by saying it didn’t warrant a suspension. Have I mentioned I hate the refs?

YIR: Okay guys, one final question. Do either of you have any predictions for the upcoming year? I’ll start with you Hockey Tom.

HT: This one is easy. Vitaly Karamnov will score 100 goals, lead the league in scoring, carry the Tips on his back to the Memorial Cup and get drafted by the L.A. Kings in the first round.

YIR: Leo?

Leo: The Portland Winterhawks will win the U.S. Division, the WHL Championship and the Memorial Cup.

YIR: Is there anything else you would like to add before we go?

HT: Yeah!! I hate Becanic. I hate Potuer. I hate Fransoo. I hate Lincoln. I hate Rosen. I hate Leo. I hate the fans who yell “fight”. I hate the T-Birds. I hate Portland. I hate Tri-City. I hate Spokane. I hate Vancouver. I hate the refs. I hate the light show. I hate Becanic. I hate the Spokane announcer. I hate Key Arena. I hate, I hate, I hate…….

Leo: You’re gonna give it up Tokarski. You’re gonna give it up Helenius. You’re gonna give it up Pickard. You’re gonna give it up Sexsmith. You’re gonna give it up Irving. Oooops, Sorry!! Great save Mucha!!!

YIR: Well folks there you have it.


Anonymous said...

very good stuff, well said!

HockeyTom said...

This post is a travesty. Who gave Big Tips Fan access to post on the blog? I hate him!

As much as it pains me I must, however, tip my hat to what is possibly the funniest post of the season on the Go Tips blog. My co-workers are wondering why I'm laughing my ass off.

Obviously the stuff about me was great exaggerated for comedic effect, but the Leo parts were spot on...

HockeyTom said...

I'd also like to add that I didn't hate was more of a neutral feeling towards a defenseman who looked like he was skating through cement each night.

Fransoo, Poteur, and Becanic...well, I'm guilty as charged.

silvertips chica said...

Whoo hoo! For a minute I thought Hockeytom might decide to rescind his 119 membership and transfer to a kinder gentler section for season 6! Looks like the summer barbecue is still on, where a good time will be had by all who attend--great food, lots of cold beverages and plenty of heated discussion about the season ahead. This will also allow us a sneak peek at Hockeytom's fall collection of his newest doiley designs, some of which are sure to become west coast favorites.