Sunday, February 10, 2008

Truth be told....

There were several eye witness accounts that have contradicted the charge by HockeyTom that he was unwittingly assaulted by Lincoln, the mascot of the Everett Silvertips, at Saturday night's game in which the Tips completed a two game sweep of the Prince George Cougars. In addition to that which fans in section 119 observed, Tips captain Jonathan Harty said in a post-game interview that he was drawn to the commotion in the stands and 'saw it all'. He further stated that he was shocked at at the degree of verbal abuse directed at Lincoln and could hear the profanity 'clear down on the ice'.

Silvertips and Comcast Arena officials plan to review the tapes and will decide whether section 119 will be reprimanded in any way, and whether Lincoln will be restricted from any future contact in that area. Doug Soetaert declined to be interviewed, but coach John Becanic suggested that 'it's a sad day in Silvertips history when the beloved mascot is attacked by one of its own fans'.

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