Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Becanic's Buffoonery Continues

Last night, Leo attended "Hockey in Heels," the women-only event for Tip's

I don't know how he got in (probably dressed in drag), and frankly, I don't want to know. There are things better left unsaid.

However, what needs to be said is what I hear Becanic did that night. First, the good news: there were six players there with Coach Becanic to offer some unique perspective.

Well, that about sums up the good news. Now, to the bad.

Coach B didn't allow questions from the floor, choosing instead to have questions submitted in advance and approved. Why? I don't honestly know, but probably because he doesn't want to be grilled by the loyal and angry Tip's fans about why the team has fallen so far from the excellent play we saw last season. Because he doesn't want to be reminded that we've given up more shorthanded goals than any other team or that we're the most penalized team in the WHL.

So, you can imagine he got some real softballs. Here's an actual example from our mole on the inside:
Why do our players sit down on the bench when those on the other team stand

Uh, yeah.

But, the censors did let slip one innocent question that referenced inconsistent play (perish the thought of a tough question being actually chosen and the Coach having to own up to his mediocre job this year). Becanic's answer? Just typical...
Well, a lot of teams got better this season and we've had a lot of back-to-back
games, so you have to kind of expect that.

What??!! If ever there was a coach willing to give his players an excuse for mediocre play, well, you can't do much better than that answer.

Someone forgot to tell Coach Becanic that you have to play through tough schedules and injuries and broken-down buses and poor refereeing and a whole bunch of other parts of life that just aren't fair. And you don't just get to blame "the system" for your failures.

But you know what? These kids will be better for it if they have an adult holding them accountable and teaching them that the best that's in all of us will shine during these situations. That we can be the leaders that everyone expects and the fans deserve. And that life won't accept excuses when results are what matter.

As always, I find inspiration in the world of Hollywood...or at least this is a funny way to end this blog entry. In The Rock, a cinematic masterpiece respected and adored by movie critics around the world, Sean Connery schools Nicholas Cage in the ways of the real world:
Connery: You ready for this?
Cage: I'll do my best.
Connery: Your best? Losers always whine about doing their best.

(There's some more to the script, but it's been edited to a G-rated version.)

So let's close with our usual "Go Tips!"

Oh, wait. That's not appropriate in today's politically correct world where we care less about results and more about circumstances (thanks for that by the way, Bill). How about...

Give a good effort and hope everyone feels good about themselves at the end of the game, Tips!


Steve said...

I can't believe what I am reading! It's like I am under some sort of hypnosis, and you are puncuating my EVERY thought! Your comments are so right on! I just found this blog "by accident" last night, and have read multiple entries and just cannot agreee more with your thoughts. I took the time earlier in the season to vent my spleen to Jon Rosen in regards to Becanic. Jon stood by him stating that the players would need some time to adjust. He also defended Becanic by stating that with the talent on this team, they would be a very strong 2nd half (of the season) team. Now what? I now know that I am not the only one that expects much more out of this team - and not just from the players. The day Constantine announced his departure, my heart sank. That being said, I was optomistic with the returning talent and honestly felt that we would be in contention for yet another US title - knowing that Spokane was on the rise. Now what? What is Becanic going to do when he has a team that doesn't have the talent? We may be in for a long, painful season next year as well.
Kevin, come back...PLEASE!

Section 208

HockeyTom said...

Section 208, welcome!

Glad to have you on board and commenting. There are several "regulars" who read, post, or comment and we'd love to have your thoughts, too.

Spread the word and see you at the game on Friday night!


Anonymous said...

Next time have your mole make sure they are in the same room as the Hockey and Heels. I was there with a number of friends and your mole has it all wrong. The women wrote questions on note cards as they arrived for the funtion and the majority of them were read and picked by Jay Varday and Coach Becanic had no control. I have attend this function for the last 5 seasons and the process has not changed. I went into this not liking Becanic but now understand after listening to him some of the challenges associated with the position.

I feel we need to give him a chance and at the end of the day it is the players not the coach that are out there on the ice.

If you want a mole next season put the word out and make sure they give you accurate information.

Go Tips!